Sunday, October 18, 2009


I want to thank Tillerman for the note on Proper Course .. I had a visit from Australia and for some reason that was fun. Then what do I care who is following all this stuff. Pretty soon I will have written all I know, except I keeping learning more junk. The hardest part now is try not to repeat myself too much. What happens to all this blog in 10 years? Will we be writting on top of ourselves? BUT TODAY was the LASERS LOOK UP!

OK, look up at the sail. Speed wrinkles begin to develop from clew to mast joint. This is supposed to be good and shows the sail has the right shape and develops more as you bend the mast more (pressure from the sheet or vang). As they get deeper pull on a little Cunny (for Briggs Cunningham who first set it up) and iron them out.

Where is the draft? Mid sail or the forward third is where it should be. Is it creeping aft? Pull on a little more Cunny.

Draft is more in the mid and upper sections with less at the peak and at the foot. Change your outhaul and see what happens. Adjust the vang (kicker in case this is read in other countries) and the Cunny.

Twist? How straight is the leach? Tight for pointing. Pull the sheet toward 2 block or set up some vang and watch it change. Tight leach for pointing and flat water. More twist for waves.


Shucks, I am old and have trouble looking around anywhere. the good folks are doing the looking. So look. Maybe some of the smarter people will tell us what to look for.

Maybe I will get my marker out and draw in some trim strips so I can see better. Anyone have them on your Laser?

While you are looking up, how about the clouds. More about that when I figure it out.

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