Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yesterday we had the First Annual Fundamental Rule 2 Regatta and it was a great success. There were three sailors that for the first time sailed the race course. They were out in maybe force 3.5 wind with 4.7 sails. The most wind they had sailed in.

The Fundamental Rule 2 rules were in effect. Youth and women start first and the others later. No roll tack. No roll gybe. First one to the mark rounds first. No shouting. No yelling. The first near finish wait for the others so we all finish together. We help each other get the boats out. Then Pizza, Greek Salad, Spinach pie, Ice Cream and cake.

The down side is that we discovered that some of us wanted to WIN. Or if we didn't today, then next week or next year.

Now we have slipped down that slope to better and better, trying harder and harder.

We will be back to regular racing this weekend, but could have the Second Annual Fundamental Rule 2 thing again anytime.


  1. Sorry I missed it! Conflicts as always....

  2. The LESC Laser Fleet is fortunate. I've yet to see (or hear)a temper tantrum, or screaming and yelling between sailors. In addition to being highly competitive, everyone is polite, eager to help fellow sailors improve, and fun loving.

    This is a good "review" of sportsmanlike conduct, for new and existing members. It would probably help some of the other class fleets.

    Nothing will deter a new sailor more than being screamed at while rounding a mark or watching a skipper berate his crew. Or be the crew member on the receiving end. I watched a fist fight between 2 grown men after a regatta. I was 16. Now that was fun!!