Friday, October 9, 2009


While we are talking about the FUN thing------

A few years ago, sailing coach Skip Whyte, worried that we were often forgetting about the FUN in racing sail boats. Do we still do that some??

We give trophies to the winners, but what about the other folks ( and there are so many of them).

Maybe the answer is Learn to love THE GAME! If you have an old tired boat-- perk it up the best you can and try to pick off as many of the fancy jobs as you can.

If you are being beaten try to understand how and admire that part of the game that is doing it. Become a student of the game, so that you can appreciate all the moves-- and admire the good ones even if you don't do them.

If you are around Eustis, come to our Fundamental Rule 2 Regattas, or the Wednesday night North U. when we talk about "THE GAME".

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