Monday, October 12, 2009


Your emotional centers in the brain (like the nucleus accumbens) react more quickly than the logical mechanism.

That is the way we hit a baseball or react to sudden changes. You don't debate the good and bad with your cortex and then sleep on it.

The nucleus accmbens send out dopamine to make you feel good--the signal to strike at the ball or to miss the starboard tacker.

The anterior cingulate cortex detects errors and guides changes in the emotional areas like the nucleus accumbens.

So we can train your brain and it will learn to do better for the fast things-- and it works from errors. We learn by making mistakes. Big news? So to train your brain, you need to identify the errors.

Things like leeward mark roundings you can practice before or after racing or on practice sessions. Things like boat crossing, you need large fleet or at least another boat.

So get your brain making dopamine, the happy hormone.

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