Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Fleet racing and boats are crossing a lot.

If you are going upwind and want to go the other way, don't wait for the crossing. Tack and lead the other boat to the next "header".

On port tack, if you want to keep going, unless you are clearly crossing ahead: several boat lenths away, some vang on, bear off, ease some sheet and accelerate past their stern--expect a lift from the backwind just after the stern. Carry the lift and the speed back to close hauled.

On starboard and you want to keep going. Anybody almost passing you, call to them to sail through. You don't want them to try to tack below you into a lee bow position.
Otherwise you want to bear off a little. Not "hunting" but still closehauled, bow down and sailing fast. Now if they tack under you, you will be able to sail a little higher and carry your speed to sail over them and through the backwind area.

If you are on port tack, near but not at the lay line, you may want to duck the starboard person and tack later. The next time you meet you will be on starboard.

Read the LOOK DOWN ON LASERS put in yesterday. The good guys sail faster when they are near other boats.

Don't forget to get that tacking down good.

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