Friday, October 23, 2009


Lasers can slow up to get ahead in several ways.

1. On port tack upwind in windy condition, to go behind a starboard tacker, luff and wait for them to almost cross. Then trim and go. Avoid the hard bare off and then trim in again to get around them.

2. If in a header and pinned by the boat to windward, slow up, drop back and tack on the favored wind shift. Now you will be leading them to the next header, you hope.

3. Rounding the downwind mark with someone just overlapping outside, slow up to prevent them from trying to cross over to the inside.

4. If on the outside slow up to get behind, or to cross over and try for inside.

5. Downwind and just about to blanket and pass the boat in front, slow up and wait for the finish line or the mark to be rounded, or you will be changing places and now they will be blanketing you.

When going up wind, slowing is easy, just ease the sheet. Going downwind zigzag course is best. You keep speed up and get behind. Sometimes you will get caught between boats. Now it is trim in the sail and slide to the back of the cockpit to drag the stern. You need to practice all of that stuff.

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