Friday, October 30, 2009


See SAILING WITH A BUDDY, two days ago.

This is another one that maybe I don't know anything about. Only read or heard a little about. Maybe we will get a little help from outside.. That said:

First we need to get two boat even in speed. We need marks on the boats that are comparable --like inch or millimeter marks on outhaul, mast where bottom of the sail comes, aft end of the sheet. How to mark the vang?

Then try to sail the boats up wind two boat lengths apart and bow to bow. Helms to try to keep that distance. If you can get the boats to sail even for 3 or so minutes, then switch helms and do it again.

If you can get them even, then try to start changing settings or sails on just one. Change only one thing at a time. Any change in speed should to repeatable so do it 3 or 4 times to be sure.

I don't know that anyone has done this in Lasers, but they must have tried. It will just take two people with a lot of time.

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