Sunday, January 1, 2012


I will get sailing this afternoon on my first sail of the year and will let you know about that later.
This is a picture from 2009 Rule 2 Regatta.  Notice all the big smiles.  It was picked up by "Sailing Magazine" in a nice article.
Most of my posts have been about "practice".  I guess I do that most of the time, but I have 45 posts about FUN.
Now that is something that is NOT written about in the books or shown on the CDs.
So maybe I am the one with the biggest leg up on the FUN factor.
Paul Estrom touched on it, but had a hard time applying it when he was not winning.
In our little fleet in central Florida, I am usually in the middle of the group racing.  If I have a bad start or tack or capsize, then I am racing for last or next to last.  I am trying to get ahead of the boat just in front of me.  If I don't and they beat me, somehow I am happy for them. 
Going up those last few tacks to the finish I know I have that split.  I want to get ahead of them--
but will be happy if they sail well enough to be ahead of me.  Now everyone can't be in the fleet building business, so what makes you happy?  What is FUN about the sailing thing??   and we will try it again to tell you how to do it.

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