Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Where is all the help??

Don't any of you folks have some nutty idea about how to find more Laser sailors?

Here is one idea I have not tried yet. Let us have, say, two AMBASSADORS. What is an ambassador? OK, he or she is a person that will go to each person in the fleet, maybe after the race, call them by name, thank them for coming, say something nice to them about what they did, how their boat is rigged, is there anything I can do to help, etc., etc.

Do you get the idea? We want to make everybody that came happy about the action. You want them to have had a good time, feel wanted, feel appreciated, even if they spent most of the afternoon turned over and swimming.

We need to have boats in the fleet but we also need to get the fleet members to come to the races. Yes, we know about the soccer and volley ball and the grandchildren, but if everybody has more fun, won't they come more often..

Just an idea anyway!!

Tomorrow maybe about the most important person in your fleet. Can you guess who that is??

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