Monday, September 21, 2009


You can't drag your feet and leg over the side anymore (ruled an unnatural action before Lasers- seems natural enough to me) but you need to be able to slow up. You don't want to get caught outside at that downwind mark. You want to be inside or behind, so you can round close to the mark with fairly free air and a chance to tack out if it is too stuffy.

Don't be just inches behind. If the person ahead slows in the turn you may have to dive outside to miss them. Four to ten feet depending on the wind and you have room to maneuver.

OK, you can over trim the sail, move way back in the boat to drag the stern, but best to make wide turns. Big S turns.

Think about it before you get close to the mark, you might be able to work it into an inside position at the mark.

Be inside at the mark or behind--NOT OUTSIDE.

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