Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The zone is three boat lengths. Did you pace it off and get a good look at it? The zone is not painted in the water. Laser folks need to be civil and talk it out.

During the last half of the run, I am heading for the left side of the zone, not for the mark. If I have someone with a marginal overlap when I reach the left side of the zone, I make a right 90 degree turn and that breaks the overlap as I enter the zone without the overlap.

I need to tell him that!

If he thinks that we reached the zone before that, he needs to be talking to me.

We are sailing (mostly) with our friends and let's be honest and friendly. (Tomorrow I will tell you how that pays off.) If the other boat has much of an overlap and we are both doing the starboard tack hard by the lee thing, all he has to do is come up claiming leeward boat as he takes my wind, forces me up, goes ahead and heads for the mark.

If he comes in on port tack, I can go at him on starboard till he gybes over or we go into the zone.

Be kind. Be friendly. There is more race left. Next race, it may be you trying to get to the mark first.

Don't mess around too much and let those other folks either get ahead or catch up.

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