Tuesday, September 29, 2009


LASER consistency is being able to do the same thing better and better.

1) Check the boat during the week. Get everything right. Replace the worn lines. Get the boat dry. Get the 2 foot extra emergency line wrapped around the back of the hiking strap (now you will have something to work with if something does break).

2) Check the weather the night before. Get the wet suit out, the spray top, the hiking pants out.

3) Sleep--- get enough.

4) Do your regular breakfast.

5) Check list before you go to the boat. Hydration. Food. Lunch. Wet suits. Spray top. Hiking pants. Notes. Hat. Sunscreen. Sunglasses. Stop watch. Sails. Battens. Blades. THINGS YOU BROUGHT HOME TO REPAIR. Tools.

6) Warm up and stretch.

7) Out early to check the course and the wind.

8) Fuel and hydrate between races.-- and after races.

9) Debrief (with notes) and list repairs for tommorrow.

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