Sunday, September 6, 2009


It takes a lot of things to build a fleet. Let me name a few. You are welcome to join in with other ideas or complain about mine.

1) Boats to loan or to buy.
2) Both boats to loan and to buy.
3) Help with sailing the these little boats. I hand out copies of "Primary Laser Advice" that you can find at the first entry of this blog. I have books to loan and DVDs to loan.
4) Social events-- any kind to fit your group. A long time ago I was a member (still am ) of a Yacht Club where I told people not to buy a boat. If you joined, but didn't have a boat you would be invited to the parties of the Scows, the Snipes, the Thistles, the Rebels, and the Stars. If you bought a boat you would only be invited to your class party.
5) Locals need to know that you are there. Somebody needs to write up the racing results and send them in to the newspaper. They don't have a reporter to send out to your base. Some one in the group needs to do it.
6) Maybe an open house. Take the town sailing.
7) Maybe just a day the fleet invites their friends and neighbors to come sail.
8) If you have boats with crews (Is this the Laser Blog?) then a crew race when the crew is the skipper. Elevate your crews to skippers.

What else do you think? I will give you a couple of more wild ideas tomorrow.

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