Monday, September 28, 2009


Now to get a little better feel for what is happening in your Laser.

1) Sail blind folded. Well, maybe just close your eyes and use you other senses to keep you close hauled. Open your eyes every now and then to keep from running into things. Can you keep on course longer?

2) Hold the tiller right in the middle. Heel to weather and watch the turn and then to leeward to see how changing position turns the boat.

3) In light wind throw the end of the sheet around the tiller and hiking strap so the tiller stays in the center. Stand on the bow and roll boat back and forth with about 2 feet of sheet out. Roll harder to the right or left to steer the boat.

4) Stand on the side deck and sail a little. Look around and try and keep your balance. If you fall in the water, hold onto the sheet and let go of the tiller extension. (You won't have to swim after the boat and you won't have a broken tiller extension.)

What is your favorite exercise? Backing up?

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