Thursday, September 10, 2009


I thought by now I would have some crazy ideas added on to help build up the fleet number. Maybe no one is reading this stuff, maybe not.
What happens to all this electronic stuff 10 years from now. Will it all be out there where Goggle can find it?

I still have a list, so the next on it is:

SAIL DOUBLE. Do the sail with a kid thing. Sail with a friend. Sail with the other sex.
Race that way-- we did it in Sunfish years ago. You can use the same boats, just change crews around. Youth alone. Father and son. Mother and daughter. Mixed doubles-- I think that is what we called the boy- girl thing. The Sunfish sailed so much better with just one on board, that stuff got dropped. Maybe that was a mistake?

When all else fails-- use food.

Have a picnic.

Do you think that is all the suggestions that I have?

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  1. Here's another fleet building idea that I did once...

    I was trying to build a Laser fleet in a club that already had a strong Sunfish fleet. So I ran a Double Dipper Regatta. Day 1 race Lasers. Day 2 Race Sunfish. Winner is the sailor with best combined score across both days.

    I borrowed Lasers and Sunfish so that every Sunfish sailor who wanted to enter could, and every Laser sailor who wanted to enter could. My hidden objective (of course) was to get some of the Sunfish hotshots to try Lasers.

    It worked.

    Oh, and by the way I won. LOL.