Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesterday when I told you about touching that mark, (I have trouble with this blog thing backwards-- but you can find yesterday if you try.) some of it was because I didn't have the vang off.

We had had some good gusts coming up wind and I had "super vanged" and was doing the "really get low" on the tacks thing, but coming into the windward mark on port tack I did the "really get Low" tack.

Now I am hiked out and easing out the sail to get around the mark-- DON'T!

Coming in on port tack with the vang on -- GET VANG OFF BEFORE YOU TACK!
You will have better control of your turn around the mark.

Practice the "port tack vang off" approach to the windward mark so it will be "automatic".
Train the bottom part of your brain to do this, so the top part of your brain can be looking for the next mark and managing the nearby boats.

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