Tuesday, September 15, 2009


For the "Laser Sailing Songs" check out propercorse.blogspot.com. Tillerman has that really going and I can't touch it. That will really increase fleet attendence. Who will not want to join the SINGING LASERS?

This past weekend we had some more trouble at the leeward mark. So let us go through the plan ahead stuff.

1) Before you get to the big fight at the zone, set up the outhaul and Cunny for up wind. then set up a little vang. (As you round up for closehauled you will be reaching and the vang will make that all faster.) Leave the full vang till you are going up wind. When you practice leeward mark roundings put that into your program so it is automatic, other wise you will find yourself trying the go up wind with the down wind settings and reaching in to try and fix things when you should flat out for speed.

Who is practicing mark roundings? Do baseball players take batting practice? How about the pros? How can I practice when I live so far away and can only come on race days? Sail before the races or after or have lunch and go back out.

OK, that is the automatic part-- now the plan ahead. (Maybe check back and find Short Beat to the Finish) but first if the wind shifts to the your right as you are approaching the zone then you will be wanting to hang onto port tack (assuming a leave the marks to port rounding) as you round the mark. Also try to get a feel for what direction you will be headed on port and how much of a turn you will need to be on it. If the wind has shifted to your left as you approach the mark then be thinking you need to tack quickly onto starboard after rounding. You will have the right of way on starboard tack close hauled, but be careful of the group that may be following you. You will not be faster if they wrap a sheet around you. You don't need to give them 720s, you are already ahead of them. Use some judgement but get sheeted in and ready for the tack.

More about THE ZONE tomorrow. Three boat lengths for a Laser is 42 feet or 14 paces. Mark is off on shore and have a look at how far it is. It will be more of an argument than two lengths.

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