Tuesday, September 22, 2009


John Loe writes an article in Sailing World, June 09, on note taking.
Why take notes:
1) Don't make the same mistake twice.
2) Remember the fast stuff.
3) Hardest part is getting started note making.
4) Have a template to make it easier.
5) Organize after you have a group of notes by regatta sites, wind direction, wind velocities, current sets.
6) So make your notes on separate sheets so you can juggle them.
7) I will be using standard type writer paper. Both sides but may switch later to single side so I can see both sides at once.

I have made notes before, but am not sure I have really gained much -- maybe just to rethink the day.

I tried to down load the "template" but couldn't get it --- so here is my list of stuff. Offered free. You can space it how you want. I have it on two side of a sheet.

Maybe next year, I will tell you how it worked for me.

If you can get the "template", send it on, and we can compare.

Here is the list compressed: Date, Time, Place, Boat, Sail, Dress, Temp, Wind Direction, Shifting, Force, Wave, Fleet, Finishes, Winner, Winner equipment, Starts, Line, Beat- outhaul- vang- cunny, Run - outhaul, vang- cunny, Leeward mark rounding, Beat to finish, The good, The bad,
Number of boats on the line, Favored end, Time of the line, Speed at the start, Boat flat going up wind, Wind clear, Cross when you can, Don't let them cross you, Stick with the group, Favored side, Vang up wind, Cunny, Outhaul, Windward rounding, Starboard by the lee- heeling-broad reach-transitions-surfing- gybes, Leeward mark rounding- port- starboard, Second beat, Second run, Finish where.

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