Sunday, September 20, 2009


We were discussing the problem of crossing the fleet at the start from the pin end when you have a big left wind shift or if the RC just has the line that way.

Luke Yates, our local Opti cross the fleet ace, wouldn't/couldn't tell us how to do it, but I will offer these suggestions.

1) Keep checking for wind direction by head to wind or close hauled heading.
2) Stay were you can reach the pin.
a) Along the line. Don't get more than a boat length below or if you get a big left shift, you will be beating to the pin.
b) You can go and set up at the pin, but that may draw a crowd with you.
c) If you stay within reach you can go for it as time is running out.
d) If you hang out in the middle of the line, you can do a port tack approach to the committee boat end or a starboard tack run to the pin.

If it works it is fun, but be ready to duck or tack back if you don't have enough room to get by the good starters on starboard tack.

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