Thursday, September 17, 2009


Nobody saw me touch that windward mark with the end of my boom, but I have always admired those honest trustworthy guys that accept cheerful their penalty. (Besides I remember the days, along time ago, when you sailed home if you touched the mark.) So I did the 360 turn. Then I tried to do a little surfing on our little waves. I am chasing the folks ahead. Yes, I could get an occasional surge.

The Lasers ahead of me are in a pile at the leeward mark. The wind at the end of the run is coming in from my left. The second one rounding catches the transom on the gybe and has trouble trimming in. The third guy is caught outside him. That second guy has left me a gap between him and the mark.

Rounding with a preliminary sheeting gybe, close hauled at the mark, got in my tack right away, and on a lift to the finish.

Second place- my best score all week.

File under 1)Honesty is the best policy. 2) Sail the boat man, keep it going. 3) Head out of the boat and see what is going on. 4) Before rounding the mark: a. know where the next mark is and b. visualize your close hauled heading. 5) Boat handling.

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