Monday, September 7, 2009


This blog is backwards, so if you haven't been reading right along , then you need to start two days ago and work this way. If you haven't read any of this stuff and are new to Laser sailing, then go back to the first entry "Same Primary Laser Advice."

We are working on building a fleet. So the next thing you need or not in the order of importance is :

A) A news letter or e-news. The e-mail makes it easier, but don't think that it gets to everyone one on the list. Some people don't check often, the computer goes out,etc and /etc. Maybe put a copies at "the club". Maybe mail copies to people that will pay the postage -- or the fleet will pay for printing and postage. I bet mailed stuff gets through to more members. but you can send the e-mail to a big bunch.

B) Telephone tree. If you want to get in touch with part of the group-- maybe a telephone tree to get everyone called.

C) I will leave tweeter and face book off the list. Maybe you know about them.

D) Get the Youth Sailing instructions cranked up. Lasers will pick up the kids into an exciting and manageable boat. We have other boats, maybe hotter , but I think harder to get sailing with control.

E) Get the youth into the 4.7 rigs one way or another. Club boats, private boats, loaned boats. Find a way. Grab them out of the Opti classes. or after the Optis kick them out.

F) Trophies for the top, the youth , the women, the bottom (more about those folks later).
Trophies can be dumb simple things -- it is the recognition.

G) Yes, it will take some work-- maybe you can sell the boat and take golf lessons.

If you can't think of more builders, then check with us tomorrow.

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